Mar. 30, 1218

Mandate imposing Jewish badge by King Henry III [England]: “The king to the Viscount of Worcester, greetings. We order that you announce and that you have respected in all your jurisdiction that all Jews, when they walk or ride, in or outside the city, should wear on their chest, anywhere on their outer garments two white tablets made of linen cloth or parchment, so that in this way Jews may be distinguished from Christians with a clear sign. Given in Oxford 20 March 1218. The same was sent to the viscounts of Gloucester, Warwick, Lincoln, Oxford and Northampton, and to the mayor and viscounts of London.”[Editor’s note: The date for this mandate varies from March 20 to March 30, as well as year, 1217 and 1218, depending on the source. Google Machine Translation on 6/5/2014.]
Notice No. 252108, RELMIN project, “The legal status of religious minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean space (V e – XV th century)” Electronic publishing Telma IRHT, Research Institute and History Texts – Orléans, Accessed online 6/4/2014