Apr. 29, 1221

Papal Bull “Ad Nostram Noveritis Audientiam,” issued by Pope Honorius III for the Province of Bordeaux [Present-day France]: “Know that we have heard with regard to certain Jews of the Province of Bordeaux, that they scorn to wear the prescribed signs by which they are to be distinguishable from the Christians through the difference in their clothes, as was decreed by the General Council. For this reason, aside from other enormities that arise out of this situation, it also happens that Christians mingle with Jewish women, and Jews wickedly mingle with Christian women. Also, the nobles of the said Province, heedless of the fact that blasphemers of Christ, will, whenever possible, eagerly oppress Christians, entrust to them (the Jews) the exercise of police office. They (the nobles) place them over their castles and estates, contrary to the statutes of the said Council, and the result is that the Jews effectively stand in the way of the Christians, and the slaves thus have dominion over the masters. Therefore, since it is not only impious but even an abuse that Jews should be permitted to grow so insolent, we command Your Fraternity through these Apostolic Letters, to have the statutes of the said Council with regard to these matters observed strictly, and to compel the Jews, by denying them communication with the Christians, to differentiate themselves from the Christians by a difference in dress, also to compel the nobles in the usual manner, by ecclesiastical punishment without appeal, not to entrust them with public office, nor to appoint them over Christians in other ways.”
Grayzel, Solomon. Church And the Jews In the XIIIth Century: a Study of Their Relations During the Years 1198-1254, Based On the Papal Letters And the Conciliar Decrees of the Periods. The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning: Philadelphia PA, 1933. Pp. 166/7. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/22/2019