Mar. 5, 1233

Papal Bull “Sufficere Debuerat” issued by Pope Gregory IX [Present-day Italy]: “…It ought to have satisfied the faithless Jews, that Christians devoutness accepted them again solely and alone from goodwill…Although at the general Council mentioned it was disposed that the Jews of both sexes at all times and everywhere should be distinguished from others through their clothing,…In addition they should avoid through greater strictness, that they in no way risk to discuss their practices with Christians, so that discussions of this kind give the ignorant no opportunity to slip away through error, which is to be hoped will not occur. For this you should, in necessary, turn to the worthy law for support.’”
“Chapter Forty-Two Popes, Church Fathers and Saints Combat and Condemn the Jews.” No Author. Page 651. Online paper, Chapters 42-43-44, Accessed on 8/1/2011 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE