Mar. 22, 1238

Edict of Expulsion by the Duke of Brittany [France]: “Duke John of Brittany, 1239…To all who may read these letters, John, duke of Brittany, count of Richmont sends greetings: Know that, at the petition of the bishops, abbots, barons, and vassals of Brittany, and having in mind the good of all of Brittany, we expel all the Jews from Brittany. …Moreover, all debts due the said Jews from any who live in Brittany, in whatsoever manner and form these are due them, we completely remit and nullify. Lands pledged to the said Jews and all other pledges of movable or real properly shall revert to the debtors or their heirs, …Moreover, no one shall in any manner be accused or summoned for the death of Jew who has been killed. …Moreover, we promise for ourselves and for our father, that no debts at one time contracted in Brittany shall be paid to Jews who live in the lands of our father. …Moreover, the bishops, barons, and vassals have sworn and granted that at no time will they hold or permit the holding of Jews in their lands in Brittany.”
“Church, State, and Jew in the Middle Ages.” Robert Chazan. 1980, Page 312-313. Online book, Accessed online 10/17/2011 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE