Jul. 1, 1244

“Privilege,” issued by Frederick II, Duke of Austria, to the Jews of Austria, Styria and Krain [present-day Austria]: “5. Jews may not take as collateral any bloody or wet garments, nor those belonging to a church. 8. Any disputes between Jews shall not be adjudicated by the magistrate in town, but only by the Duke or by the Royal Chamberlain; in crimes against the person, the Duke shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 24. Nobody shall board in the house of a Jew.”
Aronius, J. Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden im Fränkischen und Deutschen Reiche bis zum Jahre 1273 [Regests of the History of the Jews in the Frankish and German Empires until the Year 1273]. Simion: Berlin, 1902. Page 233. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/20/2020