Feb. 4, 1267

“Synod of Wroclaw” [Poland]: “(1) Jews and Christians are forbidden to associate at the dance-halls, in the inns, or at the baths; (2) Jews are to wear a special cap when appearing in public; (3) a ditch or a fence was to separate the dwelling of a Jew from that of his Christian neighbor; (4) Christian nurses or day-laborers are forbidden to stay at night with their Jewish employers; (5) Jews are prohibited from dealing in provisions, especially in meat, “in order that they might not poison their Christian customers”; (6) Jews are ordered to keep their doors and windows closed on the occasion of every Christian procession; (7) only one Jewish house of worship was allowed in each town.” [Researcher’s note: Similar to 1266 Synod held in Breslau]
“SILESIA:” Joseph Jacobs, Schulim Ochser; Jewishencyclopedia.com; Accessed online; Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 5/17/2016