Mar. 9, 1276

City Charter, issued by Rudolf I, King of Germany, for the City of Augsburg [Present-day Germany]: Art. XIX. 4. When a Jew takes collateral, and a Christian disputes the amount or repayment terms of the loan, the Jew shall reduce the debt of the Christian by the value of the collateral. 5. If a Jew takes a horse as collateral, he shall feed the animal and care for it; if anything happens to the horse, it shall be the Jew’s loss [not the borrower’s]. 7. No Jew shall lend against sacred garments, chalices, or any other items belonging to the church. 8. No Jew shall take more interest than two phennings per half-pound per week. 11. If a Jew is found lying [in bed] with a Christianess, both of them shall be burned. 13. Any Jewish butcher shall kill the animals himself, be they cow, sheep or calf; and that which he does not want, on account of the peculiar stomachs of the Jews, shall be sold by a Jew, not a Christian, and this [meat-selling] Jew shall be wearing a Jew-hat. 14. Jews shall bathe separately from Christians.”
Meyer, Christian. Das Stadtbuch von Augsburg, insbesondere das Stadtrecht vom Jahre 1276 (The Municipal Records Book of Augsburg, especially the City Charter of 1276). Butsch: Augsburg, 1872. Page 52. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/22/2020