Nov. 14, 1278

“Order” of Reinhard von Hanau, his son Ulrich and Werner and Philipp von Falkenstein [Present-day Germany; Landgraviate of Hesse]: “[…] the Jews of Assenheim are to pay us 14 Marks of Aachener Pennies (Aachener Pfennige) annually. […]” [Researcher’s note: The Jews of Assenheim were pledged to the above Lords by King Rudolph I for a debt in the amount of 300 Marks.]
Darmstadt, StA, B 9, Nr. 10, Orig., lat., Perg.; (Darmstadt, State Archive, B 9, No. 10, Original, Latin, [on] Parchment Paper); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/24/2017