Aug. 15, 1283

“City Law of Eisenbach” confirmed* by Landgrave Albrecht von Thuringia [Present-day Germany]: “[…] 34) Also, if a stolen item was pledged/pawned off or sold to a Jew, he (Jew) is to swear that he did not know anything about the theft and take back the money without interests and return the pledge/pawn. 35) Also, in the event of a dispute over the loan amount or the repayment period, the Jew may keep his money, unless the Christian debtor can convict him with a Christian and Jewish witness. […]” [Researcher’s note: These laws were given to the city by Albrecht’s uncle Heinrich but were officially confirmed by Albrecht. *Regarding the date: The articles of law (34-36) which refer to Jews may have been added after August 15, 1283; though it is unclear when.]
Eisenbach, StadtA, 21.1, fol. 1-14, zu Juden 5v und 12v-13, Abschr. 16 Jh., lat., und 17./18. Jh., dt. [A], dt.und lat.; (“Eisenbach City Archive, 21.1, fol. 1-14, about Jews 5v and 12v-13, Copy 16th Century, Latin, and 17th/18th Century, German [A], German and Latin”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/16/2018