Apr. 22, 1286

“Order” issued by King Rudolf I [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Frankfurt]: “We Rudolf, King of the Holy Roman Empire by the grace of God, […] pledge 2o Mark Cologne Pennies (Kölner Pfennige) to Duke Adolf von Nassau and his legitimate heirs to be paid by the Jews who are currently residing in Frankfurt […].  The[se] taxes are to be paid annually by the Jews to the count and his heir on Christmas until the sum of 200 Marks has been fully made […].  […] with the payment of this sum, Adolf is to purchase goods which will then serve as eternal loans to Kalsmunt […].”
Pommersfelden, Gräflich Schönbornsche Bibliothek, Orig., lat., Perg. (“Pommersfelden, “Gräflich Schönbornsche Bibliothek” ([Special] Library near Bamberg); Original, Latin, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/28/2017