Apr. 16, 1287

Canons issued by the Synod of Exeter [Present-day United Kingdom]: “XLIX. Christian women are not to serve in the homes of Jews: Consorting with evil corrupts the good. Jews are to hold no public office, build no new synagogues, share no food in common with Christians, provide them with no medicines, nor are they to appear in public at Eastertime. They are furthermore to wear two woolen tablets of another color (than that of their clothing) sewn on their breasts, which are minimally to be two digits wide and four long. Jews are also to pay the tithes on their homes, which Christian owners would otherwise be paying.”
Grayzel, Solomon. The Church and the Jews in the XIIIth Century, Volume II (1254-1315). The Jewish Theological Seminary of America: New York, 1989. Page 257. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 11/20/2019