Sept. 5, 1288

Papal Bull “Turbato Corde” issued by Nicolas IV [Present-day Italy]: “With troubled heart we hear and bring to mind that many of those converted from the error of Jewish blindness to the light of Christian faith, have fallen back into their former falsehood. Also many Christians have denied the Catholic faith and exchanged it for the Jewish rite, which must be condemned…proceed with emphasis against all who make themselves guilty of this crime, against the heretics and their promoters, protectors and defenders. As far as the Jews are concerned, who have occasioned Christians of both sexes to their revolting rite or draw them over, they must be punished as they deserve.” [Editor’s note: Author dates this law in footnotes taking place September 5, 1288]
“Chapter Forty-Two Popes, Church Fathers and Saints Combat and Condemn the Jews.” No Author. Page 659; Online paper, Accessed online 8/1/2011