Oct. 30, 1290

“Royal Document/Letter” issued by Emperor Rudolf I [Present-day Germany]: “We, Rudolf, Roman Emperor by the grace of God, relieve all the citizens* of Nordhausen of their taxes and levies for two subsequent years starting from the upcoming Saint Martin’s Feast. […] the services that are to be rendered to us by the Jews who reside in the city (‘judie in civitate ipsorumresidentes’) shall be appropriately/peacefully decided by the citizens. […]” [Researcher’s note: *While Rudolf exempts the [Christian] citizens of Nordhausen from all taxes and levies for two years, he does not relieve the Jews from such levies but leaves it up to the citizens to make that decision.]
Nordhausen, StadtA, 1.2. II Na 17, Das Rauhe Buch, fol. 4r/v, Abschr. (nach 1350), lat., Perg. (“Nordhausen City Archive, 1.2. II Na 17, The Rough Book, fol. 4r/v, Copy (after 1350), Latin, [on] parchment paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/17/2018