Apr. 20, 1293

“Jurisdiction of Jews” ordered by King Adolf [Germany]: “Notice is hereby given that today here at the castle in the court knight Henry von Hammerstein, who had appeared as the representative of Archbishop Gerhard von Mainz, had enforced his rights against the following Mainz citizens […] and Jews […]: 1. The citizens illegally threaten the Archbishop’s possession of the Jews of Mainz and other possessions […], resulting in a loss of 10000 marks in silver to the Archbishop; 2. The 6000 marks in silver, which were awarded to Gerhard’s predecessor, Archbishop Heinrich, by King Rudolf […] must be paid to the Archbishop by the Jews mentioned, together with a compensation of 4000 marks to be paid for the withholding of this sum; […]”
Regesta of the Empire Online (Regesta Imperii Online), RI VI,2 n. 230, regesta-imperii.de; Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 2/2/2017