Oct. 3, 1299

“Special Taxation of Jews” order issued by King Albrecht [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Frankfurt]: “We King Albrecht […] accept to have the Jews of Frankfurt pay 500 Pounds Heller (‘libras hallensium’) per year to the Archbishop [Gerhard II] as compensation for the tithes and incidences which he, in his function of Archbishop and Arch-Chancellor (‘racione cancellarie’) was to receive from the Jews of the kingdom.” [Researcher’s note: The Archbishop was to receive this money in addition to the income in the amount of 200 Cologne Coins (Kölner Denare) he was granted previously by King Aldolf. King Albrecht promised the Jews of Frankfurt that he will raise no more taxes from them because of this.”]
UB Frankfurt 1, Nr. 750, S. 375 f.; MGH [Monumenta Germaniae Historia] Const. [Constitutiones] Bd . 4, 1, Nr. 98, S. 73; (Certificate Book [of] Frankfurt 1, No. 750, p. 375 f.; Monuments of German Historical Constitutions Vol. 4, 1, No. 98, p. 73); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/11/2017