May 6, 1301

“Official Announcement” of King Albrecht I [Present-day Austria and Germany]: “[…] for his devotional service, King Albrecht grants Wildgrave Conrad (‘Conradum comitem Sylvestrem’) […] the privilege to settle three Jews in Dhaun (Dunen), until either he or one of successors in the empire wants to redeem them for 150 Marks of Cologne Pennies […].  After that, the wild grave/count (‘Wildgraf’) is to escort them [the Jews] back to the region from which they came from. […]”
Darmstadt, StA, C1 A, Nr. 135, fol. 43r, Abschr. (1760), lat., Papier. (Darmstadt, City Archiv, C1 A, No. 135, fol. 43r, Copy (1760), Latin, [on] Paper); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/15/2017