May 11, 1310

“Diocesan Synod of 1310” [Present-day Germany]: “Likewise as when it was once instituted with the utmost sacristy in the holy council, that under the pretext of maintaining the nourishment of their children, Jews are not permitted to have Christian (servants/wet nurses) in their home, neither for service nor for any other reason whatsoever. Accordingly, those Christians will be excommunicated who dare to live with them (Jews), since they (Jews) are able to turn the minds of simple Christians towards their own superstitions, faithlessness, and accursed greediness on account of their continuous association and persistent acquaintance…we conclude that within two months of the publication of this statute that all Christians in our province, who house Jews in their homes under whatever pretext, leave, never to thereafter return.” [Researcher’s note: Date 5/11-13/1310]
Concilia Germaniae, Vol. 1, Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 10/25/2015, Translated by Joan Paez 11/9/2015 ADD PAGE #