Mar. 14, 1312

“Papal Order” of Pope Clemens V. [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Frankfurt and Wetterau]: “The Head of the Stift of St. Mariengreden at Mainz is ordered to stop all Jews and Jewesses living within the parishes of the Frankfurter Bartholomew stift for the purpose of giving the Rector of the Frankfurter church, Siegfried, the tithes that he is owed for the properties and houses that are within his parish which previously belong to the Christians. […] In the case of non-payment, the Jews are to leave the houses, vineyard and possessions to the stift [of the prince-bishopric]. After the initial warning, the Frankfurter Jews are to be forced to comply by withdrawing their ability to be in direct contact with the faithful. […]”
UB zur Geschichte der Juden in Frankfurt, Nr. 37, S. 11; Regeesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland, Nr. 149, S. 24. (Certificate Book on the History of the Jews in Frankfurt, No. 37, p. 11; Registers on the History of the Jews in Germany, No. 149, p. 24); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/20/2017