ca. 1313 C.E.

[Possible/Probable] “Constitution” issued by the Council of Zamora, 1313 AD [Spain] [Provisional]: “1. Thirty days are allowed to all Jews that now do or hereafter reside in our province, for the execution hereof. That in criminal, civil, and all other causes, they shall not oppose nor defend themselves by the privilege they have; saying that as no Jew was summoned against them in the cause, they cannot be condemned; nor may they claim that or any other privilege to the prejudice of the Christian faith, nor presume to obtain such similar privileges. Therefore we obtain, that in criminal, and all other causes, the testimony of the Jews against Jews shall be valid as heretofore; but not of a Jew against a Christian, nor, as is proper or just, shall his testimony be received. […] 2. Henceforth Jews shall hold no post or dignity from kings, or any secular prince, and within the aforesaid time they shall resign those they now hold. 3. They are not to be admitted into frequent association with Christians, lest from the intimacy, they adopt their errors which they do not understand. 4. That they do not serve as witnesses against Christians, nor claim as hitherto the benefit of the laws. 5. That no Christian women, either temporarily or otherwise, act as wet nurses, or rear their children. 6. They are not to appear in public, from the Wednesday of Passion Week until Saturday; and on Good Friday are to close their doors and windows the whole day, not to mock the sorrow of Christians for the passion. 7. The Jews and Jewesses wear an ostensible sign, that they may be distinguished and separate among Christians, which is right, practiced in other states. 8. Notwithstanding their learning and reputation, they are not to practice medicine with the Christians. 9. They are not to invite Christians to their feasts, that Christians do not eat with Jews; particular they are not to eat their meat or drink their wine. 10. They are annually to pay tithes on their landed property, and the houses they occupy, the same as Christians did before they belonged to Jews. 11. Synagogues that have been newly erected or enlarged, shall be restored to their former state between this date, and the next great festival of the resurrection; this term is peremptorily fixed, and if at its expiration the Jews have not executed it, the judges, alcaldes, communities, and universities of the cities, towns, and places where synagogues have been recently erected and elevated, are to fulfill and have this ordinance executed, in virtue of holy obedience under the penalty of [the] Constitution. 12. They are not to practice usury, nor exact, nor take any interest from Christians, as is prohibited by the constitutions of Pope Clement V, enacted at the council of Vienne; and any person who acts contrary, or attempts to hide it, incurs the penalties ordained by the said council. 13. On Sundays and other Christian holidays, they are not to work publicly for themselves or other persons.” [Researcher’s note:¬†*The exact date of the council is unknown.]
Global Jewish Advocacy, “Antisemitism: An Assault on Human Rights,”¬†Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 10/31/2016