Oct. 27, 1313

“Special Taxation of Jews” ordered by Lord Johannes Hannemann [Present-day France; Lordship of Lichtenberg; House of Hanau]: “[…] that We take up the citizens of Hagenau and the city itself, both Christians and Jews, and everything that belongs to the city […] and that the payment of 50 Mark Silver annually by the Jews is to serve as an emergency fund which is modest […].” [Researcher’s note: In the same document, Christian citizens of Hagenau are assured that they will not be required to provide any financial assistance to the Lordship of Lichtenberg whatsoever.”]
Heidelberg, UB, Heidelberger Urk. 199, Orig., dt., Perg. (“Heidelberg, University Library, Document/Certificate of Heidelberg 199, Original, German. [On] parchment paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/4/2017