Dec. 24, 1314

“Order” of King Louis IV (the Bavarian) [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Oppenheim]: “King Louis (Ludwig) [the Bavarian] announces that Peter von Bechtolsheim, the son of the Knight Johann von Bertolsheim (‘Petrum, filium Iohannis de Bertholdsheym militis’), is named by him […] as Burgher of Oppenheim for his faithful service […] that he has rendered and will render to him (the king) and the kingdom. For this reason, he allocates to him an annual income of five Mark of Cologne Pennies annually […] to be paid to him by all of his Jews of Oppenheim on Saint Martin’s Day [November 11] which they are strictly commanded to do so with this document. […]” [Researcher’s note: This passage from old German text has been paraphrased in an effort to make the translation of the long Act brief and comprehensible.]
Darmstadt, StA, Orig. (Kriegsverlust), lat., Perg. (“Darmstadt, City Archive, Orig[inal], Latin, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/22/2017