Jan. 13, 1315

“Special Taxation of Jews” issued by Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Roman-German Empire, Louis IV (Ludwig der Bayer/the Bavarian) [Present-day Germany, etc.; Holy Roman Empire; House of Wittelsbach]: “[…] in consideration of the fruitful services that have been rendered to Our Empire (Reich), or will be rendered in the future, We wish to order that Our beloved Prince, and Bishop of Emicho and his successors are paid wages in the amount of 1,300 pounds by the citizens of Hagenau. Any amount missing from this total is to be complemented through the taxation of the Jews.”
UB zur Geschichte der Bischöfe zu Speyer 1, Nr. 503, S. 473. (University Library of the History of the Bishops of Speyer 1, No. 503, p. 473); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/6/2017