ca. 1321

[Possible/Probable] Papal bull issued by Pope John XXII [France] 

Commentary from other sources:
1) “John XXII (1316-1344), who gave his assent to the massacres of the Jews at Chignon and other places, was not alone the enemy of the Jews, but of everybody who would not buy his friendship He was too mundane to expel the Eoman Jews as he was petitioned to do, but what he dared not do through expediency he resolved to accomplish by bigotry. His sister Sangisa suborned a few priests in his favour and induced them to swear that they had seen a body of Jews in a synagogue treating a cross with disrespect. Pope John, without permitting the Jews to exculpate themselves, immediately issued a Bull ordering the banishment of the Eoman Jews from the Province (1321). Full of sorrow, the innocent men decreed a rigorous fast and assembled in their synagogues, but Count Robert of Naples proved their guiltlessness of the charge, through the confession of one of the accusatorial priests to this friend of the Jews; and a Hebrew emissary; who had been despatched to the Papal court, obtained a hearing through Robert’s influence and confuted the calumnies of the Clique. It took 20,000 golden ducats to mollify Sangisa’s asperity and after receiving this stipulated ramollescence she condoned their residence in the Church States.”

Gustav Pearlson: “Twelve centuries of Jewish persecution: a brief outline of the sufferings of the Hebrew race in Christian lands, together with some account of the different laws and specific restrictions under which they have ar various times been placed.” p. 162