Aug. 13, 1322

“Coin Regulation” (‘Münzordnung’) issued by the Councilmen of the cities “Neustadt” (New City) by the river Havel and “Altstadt” (Old City) by the river Havel [Present-day Germany; Margraviate of Brandenburg]: “[…] Jews are not [permitted] to purchase silver […].” [Researcher’s note: Jews were not permitted to purchase silver; however, they were permitted to pursue “lending and borrowing operations” (Kreditgeschäfte) for the purpose of making a living, and they were permitted to function as co-signers and guarantors on loans.]
Potsdam, LHA, Urkundenabteilung Kurmärkische Stände (Official Document Department Kurmarkt Scores), U I/23, Orig., dt. (German), Parchment.; Potsdam, LHA, Rep. 16 E, Nachlass Seidel (Seidel Estate), Nr. 2, Bl. 55 (Angabe nach Regesten der Urkunden ‘Kurmärkische Stände’ (According to the records of the documents ‘Kurmarkt Scores’), S. 43).  Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/25/2017