Mar. 10, 1323

“Order” issued by King Louis IV (Ludwig, the Bavarian), 3/10/1323*  [Present-day Germany]: “[…] the Jews of Rothenburg, are permitted pay only 200 Pounds Heller in taxes* after the upcoming Saint Martin’s Day […] and then [after that] according to the [newest] order. […]” [Researcher’s note: *According to experts, this order could have been issued as early as February 24, but no later than March 10. 200 Pounds Heller was, in fact, half of what Jews were normally required to submit in taxes each year. However, this amount could be (and was) changed according to the whims of the king.]
München, BHStA, Kurbayern Äußeres Archiv 1155/1, fol. 101r, Notiz (zeitgleich), lat., Papier (Bavarian Main State Archive, Munich, Electorate of Bavaria Outer Archive 1155/1, fol. 101r, Note (contemporaneous), Latin, [on] Paper) Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/27/2018