Dec. 1, 1326

“Annulment of Debt to Jews” mandate issued by King Louis IV (Ludwig der Bayer) [Present-day Germany; Duchy of Bavaria]: “[…] with the full heft of Our power, We release the Dukes of Kaysersberg […] as well as the Kings of Türkheim […] of their debt to the Jews of Alsace as well as the[ir] repayment of all principals and interests […].”
München, BHStA, Kurbayern Äußeres Archiv 1155/1, fol. 120r, 2. Eintrag, Notiz (zeitgleich), lat., Papier. (“Munich, Bavarian Main State Archive, Electorate of Bavaria External Archive 1155/1, fol, 120r, 2. Entry, Note (contemporaneous), Latin, [on] Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/12/2017