Aug. 8, 1330

“Declaration” of the Emperor Louis IV (Ludwig der Bayer) [Present-day Luxembourg; Dukedom of Luxembourg*]: “[…] we pledge to Our beloved brother-in-law and Prince (‘fursten’) Johannes (‘Iohannsen’) of Böhmen (‘Beheim’) [‘John the Blind’] and his heirs, for his service during the decisive battle against the Duke (king) Friedrich of Austria, 7,200 Silver Mark […] and the castle and city of Kaysersberg (Cheisersperch), the Blicksburg (Bliksperch) and the city of Türkheim (Durenkeim) and Münster (Monster), the city with the valley, including all pertinence – which include the Jews – until a compensation [has been made]. […].” [Researcher’s note: *John of Bohemial (“John the Blind”) became King of Bohemia when he married Elisabeth, the daughter of Wenceslaus; although the Kingdom of Bohemia was not established until 1348.]
Bonn, UB, Best. 15, Nr. 1159, S. 1-3, Abschr. (15. Jh.), dt., Papier. (“Bonn, Univeristy Library, Best. 15, No. 1159, p. 103, Trascript (15th Centruy), German, [on] Paper.”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/13/2017