Apr. 29, 1331

Writ of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV [Present-day France]: “We, Louis (‘Ludewig’), Roman Emperor by the Grace of God […] announce publicly to those who see or hear [or] read this letter, that we have pawned/transferred (‘versetzen’) the Jews in the lower and upper cities in Ribeauvillé (‘Rapoltzwilre’) […] to our dear loyal […] nobleman Johannes of Rappoltstein (‘Johannes von Rapoltzstain’) for 400 Mark silver […] and that he shall have/possess, use, and enjoy these Jews […] until We or our successors redeem them for the aforementioned 400 Mark silver […] and order all our Landvogts, Vogts, officers, as well as loyal [subjects] – or whatever they may be called – not to hinder/obstruct the aforementioned Johannes and his heirs [to own and use the Jews …]”
Jo. Dan. Schoepflini Alsatia Periodi Regum et Imperatum Habsburgicae, Lucelburgicae, Austriacae Tantemque Gallicae Dimplomatic. (Mannhemii; MDCCLXXV); (Jean Daniel Schoepflini’s study of documents/writs of the period of the kings and emperors of Habsburg, Lutzelbourg, Austria [and] finally Galicia.); (Mannheim; 1775); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/20/2020