May 21, 1333

Writ of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV [Present-day France]: “Emperor Louis (‘Ludowig’) [the Bavarian], announces that he owes the Counts Ludwig (‘Ludowigen’) [VIII] and Friedrich (‘Friderichen’) [II.] of Oettingen (‘Otingen’) and their heirs for the service they have rendered and the harm they had to suffer 1,000 Mark silver and pawns off the empire’s Jews in Strasbourg (‘Strazburg’) to them with all of the [inherent] rights and that they are to have and use them until they are redeemed by Louis or one of his heirs for the same amount. The officers of the empire as well as citizens, city council, and citizens of Strasbourg are ordered/instructed to assist the people of Oettingen, if necessary, so that the Jews obey the Counts and submit the required taxes […] The emperor orders the Jews not to disobey and to submit to the Oettinger and their heirs/successors without hesitation and obstruction if they wish to retain his grace and that of the empire […]”
Medieval Ashkenaz: Corpus der Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im Spätmittlealterlichen Reich; Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im Elsass (1273-1347); Elsass 1, Nr, 167. (Corpus of the Sources on the History of Jews in the Late Middles Ages; Sources regarding the history of the Jews in Alsace) (1273-1347); Alsace 1, No. 167); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/3/2020