May 14, 1336

“Official Announcement” of Emperor Louis IV (“Ludwig the Bavarian”) [Present-day Germany]: “We, Louis, Roman Emperor by the grace of God, […] announce/declare that We permit Count John [II.] (Johann) of Sponheim[-Starkenburg] for his faithful services to settle 60 Jewish households […] including men, women, children, servants, and their possessions, […] in Kreuznah or anywhere else in his domain […] and that these [Jews] together with their estates and movable goods are to serve no one else but John and his heirs […].” [Researcher’s note:  According to experts, it cannot be exactly determined whether the date line in the original document reads eritags (Tuesday) or fritags (Friday); in case of the latter, this document would have to be dated 5/17/1336.]
Würzburg, StA, Domkapitel Mainz Urkunden [nach 1339 April 22], Abschr. (unter dem Siegel des Kreuznacher Plebans, nach 1339 April 22, zu Mai 17) (B), dt., Perg. (“Würzburg, City Archive, Cathedral Chapter Mainz Certificates [after 1339 April 22], Copy (under the seal of Plebian of Kreuznach, after 1339 April, 22 to May 17] (B), German, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/26/2017