Aug. 22, 1338

“Prohibitions” issued by Dean Friedrich with the Approval of Bishop Leupold II [Present-day Germany; Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg]: “[…] no Jew is to slaughter ‘Jewish meat’ (juden fleisch) among Christians whatsoever. And that if Jews purchase ‘live meat’ (lebendig fleisch), they are to take/drive it home to slaughter and sell it among themselves. No Christian butcher (‘fleischman’) is to sell meat to Jews nor to purchase any Jewish meat from Jews or to salt it (preserve it by salting it) or mix it in [with other meats] – either in secret or openly. Also, a guest or foreigner (outside burger) who brings Jewish meat into town is to sell the aforementioned only among Jews and nowhere else, and no butcher is to purchase it from him. Also, Jews shall not kill any cattle nor shed its blood in the streets. Those Christians or Jews who openly or secretly violate this law […] are to pay our aforementioned Lord (herren), the Bishop, ten pounds Babb [Babenbrecher] pennies if it was done in town. If, however, it was done outside of the city, he’s to pay the equal amount of penitent to his judge. And so that in order that this common-use law is observed always, we sign and attached our capital insignia to this document. […]”
State Archive of Bamberg; BU 2309, Original; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/21/2017