May 3, 1341

“Writ” issued by King John of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Bohemia]: “[As] John, by the grace of God, King of Bohemia, […We give] the Abby and Convent to the Cloister in Waldsassen salvation with an abundance of good [will]! Since you have fallen into great poverty due to the interests charged by the Eger Jews, and have become very poor under such pressure, […] We wish to graciously pardon you and place favor on you, so that you […] may and shall legally sue each one of those Jews for all interests which they have received from you or the cloister […and assure you] that by doing so, you’re not violating that which is Ours. We also promise you and the lords not to stand in your way when you take them [interests] back, but to rather assist you […]. That is why we deign to place our seal on this letter as witness. […].” [Researcher’s note: The letter was drafted and signed in Prague.]
Geschichte des Egerlandes (bis 1437) von Heinrich Gradl.  Mit Unterstützung der Gesellschaft zur Förderung deutscher Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur in Böhmen. (Prag;1893); (History of Egerland* (until 1437) by Heinrich Gradl. With the support the Society for the Promotion of German Science, Art and Literature in Bohemia.); (Prague; 1893); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/21/2019