Aug. 17, 1345

“Official Announcement” of Archbishop Heinrich III of Mainz [Present-day Germany; Bishopric of Mainz]: “[…We] purchase from the brothers Johann and Friedrich, […] with the consent of the schoolmaster Kuno of Falkenstein, the cantor Reinhard, and the entire chapter at Mainz, their shares of the castle and town of Salza and the village of Merxleben.  […] And they are to take [as payment] 3500 Marks […] silver […] 80 Marks of which are to come from the annual taxes (‘Gülten’) and from the Jews. […]”
Würzburg, StA, Mainzer Ingrossaturbuch 3, fol. 172r-173v, Abschr., dt., Papier; (“Würzburg, City Archive, Ingrossatur-book of Mainz 3, fol. 172r-173v; Copy, German, [on] Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/1/2017