Sept. 8, 1347

“Writ” issued by King Charles IV of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Bohemia]: “King Charles IV transfers the Wroclaw Jews – his chamber servants – to the [City] Council of Wroclaw for their protection and permits the city to increase levies/taxes on Jews as much as they see fit.” [Researcher’s note: This is a translation of a German summary of the original Latin text, both of which can be found in the source cited.]
Breslauer Urkundenbuch bearbeitet von Georg Korn. Erster Teil. (Breslau; 1870); (Historical Documents of Wroclaw edited by Georg Korn. First part.) (Wroclaw; 1870); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/22/2019