Nov. 11, 1366

“Writ” of Ruprecht I [Present-day Germany]: “[Ruprecht orders …] the Jews of Heidelberg are to give 100 Gulden annually for six years […] however, but they are to remain free of any other taxes/levies (except a Jew named Gottlieb who is to maintain his current freedoms.) […].” [Researcher’s note: The above is a translation of a German summary of the original Latin text.]
Regesten der Pfalzgrafen am Rhein 1214 – 1508. Herausgegeben von dem Badischen Historischen Commission. Erster Band. 1214-1400. (“Regesta of the Counts of Palatine on the Rhine. 1214-1508.  Published by the Historical Commission of Baden [Germany]. First Volume. 1214-1400.”) Innsbruck; 1894; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/3/2020