Aug. 16, 1401

“Writ” of King Rupert (‘Ruprecht’) of Germany [Free Imperial City of Augsburg; Present-day Germany]: “[… permits the Council and citizens of Augsburg to accept, allow, and to keep Jews for 10 years […] and until the permission is revoked]; however, [only if] half of the usage/benefits that […] are reaped from such Jews are submitted to the King and his empire’s chamber [and that] each Jew and Jewess who are older than twelve, must give one Gulden Sacrifice-Penny* every Christmas as it is proper (‘von iglichen Juden vnd Jüdinnen, die über zwölff Jahre alt sin, ein Gulden ‘Opfferpfennig’ jerlich off Wyhennachten alss das gewohlich ist’).” [Researcher’s note: *The Sacrifice-Penny (‘Opferpfennig’) was a special tax placed on Jews.]
Codex Juris Municipalis Germaniae Medii Aevi. Regesten und Urkunden zur Verfassungs-und Rechtsgeschichte der deutschen Städte im Mittelalter. Gesammelt und herausgegeben von Dr. Heinrich Gottfried Gengler,Professor der Rechte zu Erlangen. Erster Band.  (“Codex of Municipal Laws in Germany. Regests and official documents of the constitutional and legal history of German cities in the Middle Ages. Collected and edited by Heinrich Gottfried Gengler, PhD., Professor of Laws of Erlangen. First Volume.”); (Erlangen; 1863); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 12/17/2018