Jul. 18, 1404

“Ordinance” of the [City] Council of Cologne [Present-day Germany; Free City of Cologne]: “[…] Jews and Jewesses, young or old, who live in Cologne or enter as foreigners, shall wear [such] clothing that they can be recognized as Jews […] They shall wear sleeves on their wraps/throws and coats, however, not wider than half an Ell. The collars on [their] coats and hoods/hats may not be wider than a finger. There may be no inlay of pelt seen on their clothing, […] They may not wear laced clothing on top with laces and straps/belts (‘Schnüren und Riemen’) except on their arms or when covered up. […] They may not wear wraps/throws or capes* (‘Kapuzen’*) that entirely close on the sides […]; they are to wear long wraps/throws that stop at least one width of a hand above the ground. […] They may not wear gray shoes – may they be gray inside or outside. They may not shave above their upper-lip, unless, they shaved their hair/beard altogether. […] New Jewish girls may not wear a headdress(/headgear/head-jewelry) (‘Kopfschmuck’)* that is worth more than 6 Gulden; […] Jewesses may not wear any rings on weekdays that exceeds in weight three Gold-Gulden […].” [Researcher’s note: The Jewish Ordinance starts with ‘Item die Jueden ind Juedynnen, jungk ind alt beyde, die bynnen Coelen woynent, ind auch die vremde her koment, soelent alsulge kleydonge dragen, also dat man sy underscheydelichen vor Juden bekennen möge as mit namen […] and contains 24 regulations for Jews in Cologne.’]
Aus der Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinden im deutschen Sprachraum; Köln/Rhein (Nordrhein-Westfalen); (From the History of Jewish Communities in German Speaking regions; Cologne/Rhine (Nord-Rhine Westphalia); (www.jüdische-gemeinde.de); Accessed Online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/27/2019