ca. 1456 C.E.

[Possible/Probable] “Order” issued by Pope Callixtus III, year 1456 [Papal States; Present-day Vatican City, Italy, France] [Provisional]: [Reiterates and confirms most of Pope Eugene’s ‘Dundum ad nostram audientiam’ (papal bull) issued on June 5, 1442 and adds] “the confiscated property of Jews […] can be used for the expedition against the Saracens. […]” [Researcher’s note: Since the church’s war against Islam required a large amount of capital, the church resorted to all sorts of schemes to appropriate land and property in order to advance their mission.]
System des Katholischen Kirchenrechts mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Deutschland von Dr. Paul Hinschius, Ordentlichem Professor der Rechte an der Universität Berlin. Fünfter Band; Abteilung I; (’Systems of Catholic Church Laws, Especially in Regards to Germany by Paul Hinschius, PhD, Decorated Professor of Law matte University of Berlin’), (Berlin; 1893); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/31/2018