Jul. 20, 1465

Order, issued by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III to Ulrich V, Count of Württemberg [Present-day Germany]: “Since the Jews often burden our subjects inappropriately and unbearably with usury, you are hereby ordered to ensure that in response to their transgressions, and following a complaint, you will, in Our stead and in Our name, and after a timely interrogation, authorize a punishment sufficient to effect that their offense is not repeated, be it by way of trial, or by your own decree. You are likewise mandated to not only ensure the punishment of such Jews and Jewesses, but also to report their names, as well as your findings and actions, to Our imperial court of law.”
Chmel, Joseph. Auszug aus den im k.k. geheimen Haus-, Hof- und Staats-Archive zu Wien sich befindenden Reichsregistraturbüchern vom Jahre 1440 – 1493 (Excerpts from the Imperial Legal Registers from the years 1440 through 1493, located in the Imperial-Royal Court and State Archive at Vienna). Carl Gerold’s Sohn: Vienna, 1859. Page 436. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/16/2020