Apr. 9, 1475

“Parliamentary Decision” of the Assembly/Parliament of Marburg (‘Landtag’) [Present-day Germany; Landgraviate of Hesse/Kassel]: “[…] The Jewry (‘Jüdischayt’) of the three-lands* shall submit taxes [of 4000 fl. [Gulden] as imposed by imperial order. [Researcher’s note: *The term three-lands (‘drei Lande’) most likely refers to Silesia, Moravia, and Bohemia.]
Die Rechtsverhältnisse der Juden in den deutsch-österreichischen Ländern. Mit einer Einleitung über die Prinzipien der Judengesetzgebung in Europa während des Mittelalters.  Von Dr. J. E. Scherer. (The legal conditions of Jews in German-Austrian territories. With an introduction on the principles of Jewish legislation in Europe during the Middle Ages.); (Leipzig; 1901); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/19/2019