Mar. 4, 1509

Imperial rescript, issued by Emperor Maximilian I, Archduke of Austria [present-day Austria]: “[…] we decree and submit that from now on, no Jew be present in our Archduchy of Austria, except in our towns of Güns, Eysenstadt and Marchekh, as well as the Jew Hiersl of Zissterstorff who may reside there; moreover, that all foreign and domestic Jews may no longer lend against real estate or deed but solely against movable objects, and wherever they, as before, lend against real estate or deed, they may not derive any right or interest from it, and our Chief of Police and his regiments at Salzburg shall use all available means to make the necessary arrangements for immediate compliance.”
Zeibig, H.J. (ed.). Der Ausschuss-Landtag der gesammten österreichischen Erblande zu Innsbruck 1518 : (Aus dem XIII. Bde des Archivs der kais. Acad. der Wiss. für Kunde österr. Geschichtsquellen.) [The Committee-Congress of the Complete Austrian Hereditary Lands at Innsbruck 1518 : (From Vol. XIII of the Archive of the Imperial Academy of Sciences for Austrian Historical Sources.)] Kaiserlich-königliche Hof- und Staatsdruckerei zu Wien: Vienna, 1854. Pp.129f. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 9/12/2019