Apr. 11, 1540

“Announcement” issued by the Town-Hall of Kitzingen [Present-day Germany]: “[…] no citizens shall have anything to do with any Jew who lives nearby and under a different domain, nor shall he (citizens) purchase, sell, loan, or accidentally trade with them (Jews), because one does not wish to help one party/side attain his right legally or peacefully against another, but those citizens who violate this order (law), shall be punished severely […]”
Die Juden in Franken. Ein unpartheiischer Beitrag zur Sitten- und Rechtsgeschichte Frankens von Dr. Ludwig Heffner, praktischer Arzt zu Würzburg, Konservater des historischen Vereins daselbst. Mit 29 Urkunden-Beilagen (Nürnberg; 1855); (Jews in Frankonia. An Non-Partisan Contribution Regarding the Moral and Legal History of Franconia by Dr. med. Ludwig Heffner, practical physician to Würzburg, Conservator of the Historical Association there (of the same city). With 29 [Official] Documents Attached.); (Nuremberg; 1855); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/23/2018