Jul. 23, 1547

“Blood Purity Statute” passed by the Archbishopric of Toledo [Present-day Spain]: “We enact and ordain that from now on and forever, all individuals who in our blessed, holy church come to be incumbents and have entry to it, such as dignitaries, canons, like rationers, chaplains and clerics, are illustrious or noble persons, or sons thereof, or learned, or graduates from a renowned university, along with all of the above-said being Old Christians, and that none of the above-mentioned descend from Jewish lineage […].”
Martínez, Andrés (Ed.) Catedral Primada de Toledo. Papeles referentes al Estatuto de limpieza de sangre de la Iglesia de Toledo, hecho siendo Arzobispo D. Juan Martínez Silíceo. Casa de Misericordia: La Coruña (Spain), (Primate Cathedral of Toledo. Papers referring to the Blood Purity Law of the Church of Toledo, produced by Archbishop Don Juan Martinez Siliceo) 1895. Page 4. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/25/2019