ca. 1550 C.E.

“Dice-Tax” (‘Würfelzoll’)* of Tyrol, year 1550 [Present-day Austria] [Provisional]: “[…] each Jew pays 30** dice [when crossing.] [Researcher’s note: The above is a translation of a summary from an authoritative source. The ‘Würfelzoll’ (dice-tax) was a Jewish ‘Leibzoll’ (body tax) in the Middle Ages all the way up to the 17th Century. Its origins of the ‘Würfelzoll’ are obscure. **One of the theories behind requiring Jews to pay 30 dice was to remind Jews of the 30 pieces of silver that Judas took as payment to betray Jesus.]
Rauscher, Peter: Den Christen gleich sein. Diskriminierung und Verdienstmöglichkeiten von Juden an österreichischen Mautstellen in der Frühen Neuzeit (16./17. Jahrhundert); (“Egal to Christians. Discrimination and Earning-Potential/Opportunity of Jews in Austrian Toll-Crossings”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/4/2018