Jul. 18, 1550

“Writ” of Erhart Dehlin* [Present-day Germany]: “[…] the previously given freedom (‘Freyheit’)** to Jews [via the order of July 21, 1548 …] refers only to the Jew himself and not to his male heirs and their heirs as well […] and those [heirs] who attempt to illegally attain such [permits] in our domain in the future [are to be turned down completely …].” [Researcher’s note: *Dehlin/Döhlin von Frickenhausen was a nobility based in Swabia. **Freyheit refers here to special permits given to Jews to settle and/or to pursue certain trades within a domain.]
Johann Jacob Mosers Königlich-Dänischen Statsraths, Zusätze in seinem neuen Teutschen Staatsrecht; drinn, nebst vilen ungedruckten, zum Theil sehr wichtigen, Urkunden und Nachrichten, von allen neusten bekannten Deutschen (allgemeinen und besonderen,) Staatsangelegenheiten hinlänglicher Bericht ertheilet wird. Dritter und lezter Band. (Frankfurt und Leipzig; 1782); (Johann Jacob Moser’s Royal-Danish City Council, addition to his new German constitutional law; includes along with numerous unpublished documents and news, a sufficient report of the latest known German (general and special) state affairs. Third and last volume.) (Frankfurt and Leipzig; 1782); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/26/2020