Jan. 11, 1553

Expulsion Decree, issued by Erich the Younger, Duke of Luneburg and Brunswick [Present-day Germany]: “We, Erich, by God’s Grace Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, herewith proclaim that, because we have learned that the Jews and their relatives, by way of their forbidden handling of gold and silver coins and exchange thereof, have violated the common laws of the holy empire, […] the Jews, with their wives, children and all of their possessions, may they be in cities, townships, markets, villages or any other place, are hereby banned from our duchy and exiled therefrom.”
Braunschweig. [Collection of Decrees from Braunschweig] : [Containing Four Decrees against the Jews]. (1529-1604): Offen Decree Collection AR 25245; Leo Baeck Institute. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 01/02/2020