Apr. 30, 1557

Decree canceling all protection of the Jews living in Braunschweig and its surrounding area and revoking their right of residence [Germany]: “By the grace of God, I Henry the Younger, Duke of Braunschweig [Brunswick] and Luneberg and Fuegen hereby address publicly and to each and every Jew living in our principality or otherwise are situated outside of the same in other areas or regions, who have previously attained and still have our letter of escort, protection and shield. Accordingly it has become apparent and has come to light that in the last few weeks someone, through help and assistance of a good portion of the Jews, entirely for the basest benefit, has engaged in the forbidden, highly punishable vice of the fabrication and use of forged and illegal coins, which is the highest deceit, damage and tribulation. Also, it has been believably said and written that due to our true Christian belief, our close traditional enemy, the Turk, who with the Jews is outside of Christianity, obtains his opportunity solely through this same situation. Because of this and other persuasive reasons, we will no longer tolerate, suffer, or give in to Jews or Jewesses living, staying, or having a commercial and social life in our principality and that they should even less so be able to enjoy  and utilize our escort, protection and shield. And as per the foregoing we advise you Jews, each and all, with no exceptions, who until now had and still have your domicile in our principality, and also those living in other regions, to first vacate your domicile and then to completely and certainly give up and relinquish our escort, protection, shield, and securities. And we herewith, and in the power of our general commission, advise you everywhere, and particularly in our principality, that all of you pay that which [you owe], and to each person that it is owed, between now and the impending Whitsun. And in this time with wife and children, possessions and goods leave the same [our principality]. And that after this appointed time you not find yourselves, individually or collectively, within it [our principality,] also including and together with those residing in other and areas and regions, and that you completely and totally do not use our letter of protection and shield. With this warning, if after the above time, one or more [Jews] are found entering the exit of our principality or otherwise propose our letter of protection therein [in our principality] or in other places, and are found to conduct their commerce, usury, that the same should danger that is evident and expected from all of us. We mean this completely and finally. With proclamation to Wolfenbuettel under our confidential seal stamped below on the 30th of April 1557.”
Translated by Leo Baeck Institute Archive, New York