Sept. 14, 1559

“Edict” issued by Emperor Ferdinand I [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland; Bohemian crown lands]: “All Jews, [may they be] male or female, are banned from Bohemia and from its incorporated lands. After St. George’s Day, none of them shall be found in any of the districts/domains lest they be fined or receive corporal punishment.”
Acta Publica. Verhandlungen und Correspondenzen der schlesischen Fürsten und Stände. Namens des Vereins für Geschichte und Alterthum Schlesiens herausgegeben von Dr. Julius Krebs, ord. Lehrer des Roalgymnasiums am Zwinger. VI Band: Die Jahre 1626-1627. (Breslau; 1885); (Official/public Acts. Negotiations and correspondence between the Silesian princes and the estates [of the realm]. Name of the Association for History and Antiquity of Silesia edited by Julius Krebs, PhD., proper/full-time teacher at Roalgymnasium at Zwinger. VI volume. The years 1626-1627.) (Wroclaw; 1885); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/17/2020