Jul. 14, 1567

“Constitution of Koenigsberg” issued by Duke Albrecht I [Prussia / Present-day Poland]: “Jews are no longer to be tolerated in the Princedom of Koenigsberg and are to leave the country within 4 weeks [of issuance of this edict]; those who are still found to be present in the country are to be considered a price and no letter or seal will be considered to serve as a protection.”
Stern, Selma: Der Preussische Staat und die Juden, Vol. 1. (1962) (The Prussian State and the Jews) p. 148, Berliner Staats Archiv R7 – 106 I., Online book. Accessed 11/30/2015, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/30/2015