Jan. 22, 1572

“Mandate” issued by Maximilian II addressed to the city of Vienna [Present-day Austria]: “[…] the citizens [of Vienna] are ordered to allocate a different house to the Jews to live in, where they can live among [themselves and] the different Jewish families/parties, with wives and children and [their] relatives (‘gütlin’). In this house, there shall also live an honest burgher (‘Bürgermann’) and a Christian Lord/estate owner (‘Hofherr’) with his own [family].  […]” [Researcher’s note: The term “house” in this mandate might have referred to an estate with several adjoining small houses facing a court-yard.]
Wolf, Gerson: Geschichte der Juden in Wien (1156-1876); (Wien, 1876); (Wolf, Gerson: History of the Jews in Vienna (1156-1876); (Vienna, 1876)); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/25/2017